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The primary goal of junior hockey is to prepare student-athletes to take their game, and their education to the next level. Since the franchise was founded in 2008, the Wenatchee Wild have been remarkably successful in that area, with development being one of the top priorities.

Numerous Wild alumni have gone on to play professional hockey at home and abroad, with four being selected in NHL Entry Drafts. On March 22, 2016, the first Wild alumni played in an NHL game when Nic Dowd was called up to play for the Los Angeles Kings. The game was in St. Paul, MN, less than 90 minutes away from where he played his college career (St. Cloud State), and ironically, his opponent that night was the (Minnesota) Wild.


NHL Draft Picks = 4

Division I college commits: 89

Division III college commits: 65

ACHA / Clubs: 24

The following is a detailed list.

Wenatchee Wild NHL Drafted Players

Los_Angeles_Kings_Logo_(2011).svg        Nic Dowd – LA Kings – 2009, 7th Round, #198 overall
NHL Debut – March 22, 2016 for LA Kings vs Minnesota Wild

ChicagoBlackhawksLogo.svg       Mac Carruth – Chicago Blackhawks – 2010, 7th Round, #191 overall

1024px-SharksWordLogo.svg        Alex Schoenborn – San Jose Sharks – 2014, 3rd Round, #72 overall

Detroit_Red_Wings_logo.svg      Chase Perry – Detroit Red Wings – 2014, 5th Round, #136 overall

2017-18Bjork, BradyNotre DameIBig 10
2017-18Demin, SlavaUniversity of DenverINCHC
2017-18Hesler, SamDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2017-18Modry, JacobRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIECACHL
2017-18Morton, SamUnion CollegeIECACHL
2017-18Sasaki, ChadColorado CollegeINCHC
2017-18Vanderbeck, AJOhio State UniversityIBig 10
2017-18Zech, CooperFerris State UniversityIWCHA
2016-17Baker, MatthewDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2016-17Bates, AlexSacred Heart UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2016-17Burston, ColinBrown UniversityIECACHL
2016-17Combs, CharlieBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
Conzo, TroyColorado CollegeINCHC
2016-17Cooley, DevinUniversity of DenverINCHC
2016-17Demin, SlavaUniversity of DenverINCHC
2016-17Harris, BrendanBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2016-17Milliken, LoganHoly CrossIAtlantic Hockey
2016-17Modry, JacobRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIECACHL
2016-17Morton, SamUnion CollegeIECACHL
2016-17Nieto, GarrettUnion CollegeIECACHL
2016-17O’Brien, JimmyColorado CollegeINCHC
2016-17Raabe, DakotaUniversity of MichiganIBig 10
2016-17Rockwell, TylerMichigan Tech UniversityIWCHA
2016-17Sasaki, ChadColorado CollegeINCHC
2016-17Vanderbeck, AJOhio State UniversityIBig 10
2016-17Williams, BrianColorado CollegeINCHC
Baker, MatthewDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2015-16Bates, AlexSacred Heart UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2015-16Bjugson, ColeBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2015-16Burchill, MatthewAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2015-16Burston, ColinBrown UniversityIECACHL
2015-16Christensen, BlakeAmerican International CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2015-16Combs, CharlieBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2015-16Conzo, TroyColorado CollegeINCHC
2015-16Coyne, MIkeArmyIAtlantic Hockey
2015-16Harris, BrendanBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2015-16Milliken, LoganHoly CrossIAtlantic Hockey
Nieto, GarrettUnion CollegeIECACHL
2015-16Perry, ChaseRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIECACHL
2015-16Raabe, DakotaUniversity of MichiganIBig 10
2015-16Rockwell, TylerMichigan Tech UniversityIWCHA
2015-16Stephan, KyleAmerican International CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
Von Ungern-Sternberg, AugustBrown UniversityIECACHL
2015-16Yoon, BryanColorado CollegeINCHC
2015-16Drabin, JosephSUNY-PlattsburghIIISUNYAC
2015-16Nachbaur, DanielUniversity of Massachusetts – BostonIIINEHC
2015-16Bell, JoshMissouri State UniversityACHA
2014-15Ahlgren, JakeBentley UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2014-15Bailey, DanAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2014-15Bondarenko, IvanUniversity of Alabama – HuntsvilleIWCHA
2014-15Burston, ColinBrown UniversityIECACHL
2014-15Conzo, TroyColorado CollegeINCHC
2014-15Coyne, MikeArmyIAtlantic Hockey
2014-15Hamacher, JacobRochester Institute of TechnologyIAtlantic Hockey
2014-15Harris, BrendanBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2014-15Ott, DonovanCornell UniversityIECACHL
2014-15Raabe, DakotaUniversity of MichiganIBig 10
2014-15Rockwell, TylerMichigan Tech UniversityIWCHA
2014-15Stephan, KyleAmerican International CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2014-15Von Ungern-Sternberg, AugustBrown UniversityIECACHL
2014-15Chiasson, RyanSUNY – PlattsburghIIISUNYAC
2014-15Colstrup, SorenFramingham State UniversityIIIMASCAC
2014-15Gotelaere, RyanUniversity of Wisconsin – River FallsIIIWIAC
2014-15Kaszupski, JosephEndicott CollegeIIICCC
2014-15Lappin, DavidSuffolk UniversityIIICCC
2014-15Mathias, JamesMarian UniversityIIINCHA
2014-15Powlowski, DavidNazareth CollegeIIIECAC West
2014-15Valimont, LaneSt. Norbert CollegeIIINCHA
2014-15Bennett, ShaneUniversity of Denver – ClubACHA
2013-14Barnes, TannerUniversity of WisconsinIBig 10
2013-14Becker, SamUniversity of MaineIHockey East
2013-14Bontje, AlexRobert Morris UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2013-14Bradley, TreyColorado CollegeINCHC
2013-14Coyne, MikeArmyIAtlantic Hockey
2013-14Harris, BrendanBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2013-14Loggins, TroyNorthern Michigan UniversityIWCHA
2013-14Nuttle, MatthewCornell UniversityIECACHL
2013-14Rauter, AlexCornell UniversityIECACHL
2013-14Rivera, NicholasMinnesota State University – MankatoIWCHA
2013-14Rymsha, RiverDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2013-14Tuomie, ParkerMinesota State University – MankatoIWCHA
2013-14Ahlgren, JakeBentley UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2013-14Balboa, NicklasTufts UniversityIIINESCAC
2013-14Chuckran, GabrielUniversity of Massachusetts – BostonIIINEHC
2013-14Gotelaere, RyanUniversity of Wisconsin – River FallsIIIWIAC
2013-14Kaszupski, JosephEndicott CollegeIIICCC
2013-14Kotilainen, JimmieMarian UniversityIIINCHA
2013-14Mathias, JamesMarian UniversityIIINCHA
2013-14Montgomery, CollinEndicott CollegeIIICCC
2013-14Mullan, OmarMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2013-14Plate, JustinSt. Olaf CollegeIIIMIAC
2013-14Powlowski, DavidNazareth CollegeIIIECAC West
2013-14Rivera, LukeSUNY – FredoniaIIISUNYAC
2013-14Salvato, ChristianUniversity of Wisconsin – StoutIIIWIAC
2013-14Sikich, CoreyCastleton State CollegeIIINEHC
2013-14Koukis, ChrisUnversity of Denver – ClubACHA
2013-14Anderson, NickWilliston State CollegeACHA II
2012-13Abood, DylanAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2012-13Davis, JonoUniversity of Nebraska – OmahaINCHC
2012-13Eichstadt, DillonBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2012-13Hartley, JoshuaDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2012-13Knudson, ChrisMichigan State UniversityIBig 10
2012-13Luedtke, RossAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2012-13McHugh, MaxUniversity of Alabama – HuntsvilleIWCHA
2012-13Rostenkowski, TylerAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2012-13Sullivan, JoeSt. Lawrence UniversityIECACHL
2012-13Williams, BrianColorado CollegeINCHC
2012-13Barber, JacobUniversity of Wisconsin – Stevens PointIIIWIAC
2012-13Bruneteau, TylerHamilton CollegeIIINESCAC
2012-13Butzow, BlakeAdrian CollegeIIINCHA
2012-13Flynn, NathanAugsburg CollegeIIIMIAC
2012-13Nelson, NoahSt. Norbert CollegeIIINCHA
2012-13O’Borsky, JakeHamline UniversityIIIMIAC
2012-13Powlowski, DavidNazareth CollegeIIIECAC West
2012-13Redmond, TraceSalve ReginaIIICCC
2012-13Roubos, BlakeLawrence UniversityIIINCHA
2012-13Schmidbauer, EvanSalve ReginaIIICCC
2012-13Stewart, TrevorAugsburg CollegeIIIMIAC
2012-13Tafoya, JeradMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2012-13Vetter, BrendanLawrence UniversityIIINCHA
2012-13Wagner, BrettMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2012-13Koukis, ChrisUnversity of Denver – ClubACHA
2012-13Mead, DavidSelkirk CollegeBCIHL
2011-12Abood, DylanAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2011-12Carey, BenAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2011-12Cope, MattRobert Morris UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2011-12Huson, KyleUniversity of ConnecticutIHockey East
2011-12Knudson, ChrisMichigan State UniversityIBig 10
2011-12McHugh, MaxUniversity of Alabama – HuntsvilleIWCHA
2011-12Pauly, ShawnUniversity of ConnecticutIHockey East
2011-12Rostenkowski, TylerAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2011-12Saylor, BlakeAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2011-12Barber, JacobUniversity of Wisconsin – Stevens PointIIIWIAC
2011-12Hansen, ChrisSt. Olaf CollegeIIIMIAC
2011-12Johnson, SamTrinity CollegeIIINESCAC
2011-12Lant, MichaelUniversity of Wisconsin – River FallsIIIWIAC
2011-12Redmond, TraceSalve ReginaIIICCC
2011-12Robert, TyllerGustavus Adolphus CollegeIIIMIAC
2011-12Roubos, BlakeLawrence UniversityIIINCHA
2011-12Schmidbauer, EvanSalve ReginaIIICCC
2011-12Stewart, TrevorAugsburg CollegeIIIMIAC
2011-12Tafoya, JeradMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2011-12Vetter, BrendanLawrence UniversityIIINCHA
2011-12Wahlrab, StormSt. Norbert CollegeIIINCHA
2011-12Johnson, ParkerIllinois State UniversityACHA
2011-12Vogel, KyleArmy – ClubACHA
2011-12Duesenberg, AnselUniversity of Northern ColoradoACHA III
2010-11Carey, BenAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Cope, MattRobert Morris UniversityIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Di Puma, MichaelUniversity of North DakotaINCHC
2010-11Ferguson, GeoffDartmouth CollegeIECACHL
2010-11Frye, ZachUniversity of Alaska – FairbanksIWCHA
2010-11Huson, KyleUniversity of ConnecticutIHockey East
2010-11Johnson, EricUniversity of Notre DameIHockey East
2010-11Lewis, GregClarkson UniversityIECACHL
2010-11McHugh, MaxUniversity of Alabama – HuntsvilleIWCHA
2010-11Pauly, ShawnUniversity of ConnecticutIHockey East
2010-11Puskarich, MarioUniversity of VermontIHockey East
2010-11Rumble, ChrisCanisius CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Saylor, BlakeAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Shumway, BradleyRochester Institute of TechnologyIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Sliwinski, NathanAmerican International CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2010-11Smith, LandonQuinnipiac UniversityIECACHL
2010-11Vandercook, DJNorthern Michigan UniversityIWCHA
2010-11Barber, JacobUniversity of Wisconsin – Stevens PointIIIWIAC
2010-11Brown, HunterSt. Norbert CollegeIIINCHA
2010-11Christianson, GageMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2010-11Grauer, EliotUniversity of Wisconsin – Stevens PointIIIWIAC
2010-11Kinkopf, PatrickUniversity of Wisconsin – SuperiorIIIWIAC
2010-11Martinez, AnthonyLake ForestIIINCHA
2010-11Schmidbauer, EvanSalve ReginaIIICCC
2010-11Stewart, TrevorAugsburg CollegeIIIMIAC
2010-11Parker, BrennenUniversity of Arizona – ClubACHAACHA
2010-11Von Rueden, CodyColorado State University – ClubACHA
2010-11Anderson, NickWilliston State CollegeACHA II
2010-11Collins, JesseWeber State UniversityACHA II
2010-11Mejia, JohnNorthwestern University – ClubACHA IIIACHA III
2010-11Allan, JordanEastern Washington UniversityBCIHL
2009-10Brodie, KyleBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2009-10Burrell, BrandonSt. Cloud State UniversityINCHC
2009-10Deswardt, ArmandCornell UniversityIECACHL
2009-10Di Puma, MichaelUniversity of North DakotaINCHC
2009-10Hilbrich, ChristianCornell UniversityIECACHL
2009-10Johnson, EricUniversity of Notre DameIHockey East
2009-10Jubinville, JeffBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2009-10Kozlak, JoeArmyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Ledford, ZachBentley CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10McKellar, DuncanCanisius CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10McKenzie, AdamAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10McLean, AlexOhio State UniversityIBig 10
2009-10Miller, MarkRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIECACHL
2009-10Mingo, DajonBowling Green State UniversityIWCHA
2009-10Pauly, ShawnUniversity of ConnecticutIHockey East
2009-10Ramsey, JesseAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Rumble, ChrisCanisius CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Shumway, BradleyRochester Institute of TechnologyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Sliwinski, NathanAmerican International CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Timar, RyanAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Torrel, MitchAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2009-10Youngmun, NolanUniversity of Alaska – FairbanksIWCHA
2009-10Brossoit, BrandonUniversity of Wisconsin – Eau ClaireIIIWIAC
2009-10Christ, AndrewSUNY-FredoniaIIISUNYAC
2009-10Christianson, GageMilwaukee School of EngineeringIIINCHA
2009-10Flynn, JakeIowa State UniversityIIIMACHA
2009-10Johnson, ZachHamline UniversityIIIMIAC
2009-10Nagel, NickSt. Mary’s UniversityIIIMIAC
2009-10Hughes, BenLiberty UniversityACHA
2009-10Sargis, GehrettRobert Morris University – ClubACHAACHA
2009-10Young, JordanArizona State UniversityACHAACHA
2009-10Bray, JacksonLoyola University – ChicagoACHA III
2009-10Mort, TylerEastern Washington UniversityBCIHLBCIHL
Brodie, KyleBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2008-09Bruneteau, MattLake Superior State UniversityIWCHA
2008-09Burrell, BrandonSt. Cloud State UniversityINCHC
2008-09Di Puma, MichaelUniversity of North DakotaINCHC
2008-09Dowd, NicSt. Cloud State UniversityINCHC
2008-09Dugas, MathieuBemidji State UniversityIWCHA
2008-09Ledford, ZachBentley CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2008-09McKellar, DuncanCanisius CollegeIAtlantic Hockey
2008-09McKenzie, AdamAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2008-09Mosey, EvanMinnesota State University – MankatoIWCHA
2008-09Torrel, MitchAir Force AcademyIAtlantic Hockey
2008-09Vandercook, DJNorthern Michigan UniversityIWCHA
2008-09Voran, MichaelUniversity of Notre DameIHockey East
2008-09Wees, T.J.Lake Superior State UniversityIWCHA
2008-09Blake, JoeSt. Olaf CollegeIIIMIAC
2008-09Burgau, BeauWentworth Institute of TechnologyIIICCC
2008-09Cetnarowski, RJConcordia CollegeIIIMIAC
2008-09Cosford, DylanFramingam State UniversityIIIMASCAC
2008-09Flynn, JakeIowa State UniversityIIIMACHA
2008-09Hansen, SteffenBethel UniversityIIIMIAC
2008-09Johnson, ZachHamline UniversityIIIMIAC
2008-09Kuechler, AndrewMarian UniversityIIINCHA
2008-09Kurbatsky, DavidIowa State UniversityIIIMACHA
2008-09Miller, BillyWestfield State UniversityIIIMASCAC
2008-09Nagel, NickSt. Mary’s UniversityIIIMIAC
2008-09Nicoll, JackSt. Olaf CollegeIIIMIAC
2008-09Severson, CamLake ForestIIINCHA
2008-09Smoot, ZackTexas Tech UniversityIIIACHA
2008-09Brown, CorbinUniversity of Nevada-Las VegasACHAACHA II
2008-09Charette, AlexMichigan State University – ClubACHAACHA II
2008-09Starr, DavidUniversity of Colorado – ClubACHAACHA II